Bikes are as individual as you are.

At Kingscliff cycle centre we are committed to fit the right bike to the right situation. How tall, how heavey, how fit or how long, we will show you the choices of bicycle that are avaiable for you and make sure that it is delivered so that you ride off with a smile on your face like the first time you rode one.

Our bikes represent some of the best value and performance you can get from a bicycle. Starting for the first time? Trying to shake those kilo’s and get fit? Need something for transport, or just for some fun on the weekends up and down our great bike tracks? We have a bike for you. We have, road racing bikes that are competition proven, mountain bikes that represent great value with big name parts like SRAM, SHIMANO, and more. Our ladies bikes are the most pinned on Pinterest.

Every bicycle is individual, and developes a unique character as its rider. It could have come from anywhere, shiny and larger than life off a shop floor, or covered in dust, mud, rust and spider webs from a backyard shed or under the house. This why it is important to fit the right bike to the right situation. A quality bike lasts a lifetime.


Malvern Star website Malvern Star
The Malvern Star brand represents the bike that all of us once had but also the brand that designs bikes for Australian riders in Australian conditions. Malvern Star was created in 1902 and from its early beginnings Malvern Star set out to deliver a range of bicycles built to the highest standards for all Australians. Malvern Star is now owned by Sheppard Cycles, Australia’s leading distributor of bicycles, parts & accessories. Malvern Star continue to build bicycles with the ideal balance of performance, style and comfort.
Fuji Cycles FUJI Bikes Australia
Fuji was founded in 1899 and named after Mount Fuji. The Fuji brand has endured for over a century manufacturing quality road, mountain, hybrid and lifestyle bicycles. Fuji meet’s the challenges of today’s cycling demands.
Electra Cycles ELECTRA
Electra offers a wide range of modern cruiser bicycles and is credited with re-popularizing the cruiser bike. Electra also designs and sells comfort bicycles and hybrid bicycles. They also offer an extensive line of accessories, apparel, and bicycle parts.
Haro cycles at Kingscliff cycle centre  HaroHaro introduced its first successful line of Freestyle BMX bikes in 1983.  Since then Haro has gone from strength to strength.  Nowdays Haro bikes are recognised as one of the top brands of BMX and Freestyle bikes.
 Skull Bones Cycles Skull and Bones Cycles
These are some of the coolest bikes that you will see cruising the coast. They have a great number of accessories to customise the bike to match your personality. Drop in and have a look at what is on offer, from matt black paint work to suicide shifts, white wall tyres and sand tyres.shift